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Pleasures of Paris

The store in my neighborhood that sells nothing but colored tape. 

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Shoe Strategy


How does one prepare oneself to emerge from two years of sitting alone in a room and writing? In my case, one buys shoes.

The galleys of the book I labored over for those many months have landed on the desks of reviewers and readers. My mom has one. My old boss has another. The people who are in the book are starting to read the book. It’s enough to make a person a tad nervous.

So I went shoe shopping. And the moment I slipped my dainty heels into this pair, I knew that they were the ones.  In these shoes, I can face down anyone (as long as I don’t have to stand for very long). Some authors have a media strategy. I have a shoe strategy.



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Toilet Futures

Pamela Druckerman

If I needed more proof that Gary Shteyngart’s semi sci-fi book “Super Sad True Love Story” is a work of oracular genius, I got it today at Printemps department store in Paris. Shteyngart’s book is set in a fictionalized New York City, about 30 years in the future, when a few rich people live like gods, while the poor masses barely eke by. Today at Printemps I asked for directions to the restroom, and was sent to a fee-paying toilet boutique with designer loo paper (see photo) and an attendant who dashed in and out of the sleek stalls preparing them for the next fee-paying bottom.  Ok, it was only 1.5 euros for this haute-toilette experience. And after the initial sticker shock, I settled in and enjoyed it. But I couldn’t escape the feeling that in the (near) future the rich will be having these sorts of privileged potty experiences, while the rest of us will be, well, left on the can.

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Things that make Paris bearable during the long gray winter…

Selling my antique clock to a gentle watchmaker, then watching him strap the clock onto his motorcycle and drive away.


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More things I love about Paris

Pamela DruckermanThe vertiginous 19th century staircase that leads to my daughter’s ballet class (actually not called “ballet” in French, but “danse classique”).

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Things I love about Paris

Knowing that I can have all these keys made at the corner store.



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