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Pleasures of Paris

The store in my neighborhood that sells nothing but colored tape. 

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Shoe Strategy

  How does one prepare oneself to emerge from two years of sitting alone in a room and writing? In my case, one buys shoes. The galleys of the book I labored over for those many months have landed on the desks of reviewers and readers. My mom has one. My old boss has another.

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Toilet Futures

If I needed more proof that Gary Shteyngart’s semi sci-fi book “Super Sad True Love Story” is a work of oracular genius, I got it today at Printemps department store in Paris. Shteyngart’s book is set in a fictionalized New York City, about 30 years in the future, when a few rich people live like

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Things that make Paris bearable during the long gray winter…

Selling my antique clock to a gentle watchmaker, then watching him strap the clock onto his motorcycle and drive away.  

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More things I love about Paris

The vertiginous 19th century staircase that leads to my daughter’s ballet class (actually not called “ballet” in French, but “danse classique”).

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Things I love about Paris

Knowing that I can have all these keys made at the corner store.    

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