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Grandfather's Last Battle

NYT: My Grandfather’s Last Battle

About 95 years ago, my grandfather spent the night near here. I doubt he slept much. For starters, he was probably in a trench.

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Speaking in Tongues

Here’s my attempt to speak French while wearing stilettos… L’éducation “à la française”: Pamela Druckerman at TEDxParis 2013 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlMfzeV048U&feature=player_embedded

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The Montessori Connection

There’s an interesting conversation about the parallels between Montessori and typical French parenting going on here: http://www.pameladruckerman.com/news-of-the-world/ This latest post has lots of thoughtful, provocative ideas. Thanks Tricia! Hi Sally, Hmmm… interesting questions about authority without social conformity. I’d love to hear Pamela’s answer on that. But, I have to tell you that I think

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News of the World

I’ve had the great pleasure of receiving letters from moms and dads from around the world, reflecting on Bringing Up Bébé/French Children Don’t Throw Food, sharing their own experiences, and even asking me for parenting tips (weird, given how parentally challenged I am in the book). I’ve posted some of these letters and other comments

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If you make it, they will eat

A reader of Bringing Up Bébé makes yogurt cake, with much success. I’m looking forward to trying this recipe! http://babywithatwist.wordpress.com/2012/03/20/cooking-with-toddlers-yogurt-cake/

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Bon Appetit, even if you can’t walk.

Several people have asked me to post a weekly menu from a French daycare center (crèche). Here’s one that I had in my files, from the fall of 2009. I picked “Week 4″ at random. Note that the age ranges are given in the column on the left. So on Monday, for example, children older

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